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Kat's will provide a place for any and all who desire to explore,
musically and creatively, their passion for the arts on a friendly,
safe and equal terrain while achieving high standards of 

About Kat’s

Kat's started in 1983 with its first studio in Paoli, Indiana.
Kat's remained there for three yrs and then moved to
Bedford where it has been for the past 33 yrs.
We have been teaching Ballet, Tap, and Jazz for 25 yrs
and for the past 15 yrs we have included Ballroom.
Kathy Thompson has owned, and has served as the artistic
director and instructor since the beginning of Kat's. Kathy
obtained her education from many sources. She studied
from a locally retired teacher in her youth and went on
to study at Indiana University as well as traveling to
numerous Conventions and studying in Vincennes , Indiana.
Kathy served as the adviser to the IU Swing club for 1
and 1/2 years. Her Ballroom education has come from
IU Ballroom Club, Let's Dance in Indianapolis and from
traveling to Conventions across the country.

New Programs:

Movement and Music
This is a musical experience for parents with infants,
toddlers and kindergarteners. This class is geared to
make lots of fun and great memories while learning very
solid musical skills that lead to much success when the
child goes into music classes later in life.

Contact Kats

Kat’s Performing Arts Studio 824 Lincoln Avenue
Bedford, Indiana 47421

At the T on John Williams Blvd and Lincoln Ave.

Phone: (812) 275 4878